Brittney Parn

Buyers Agent

Brittney has 10 years of experience in Marketing and sales and prides herself in delivering the best service and experience for every client she works with. She has worked in the corperate world for many years, as well as owning her own business locally here in Omaha. Brittney is an Entrepreneur at heart and has worked her way from the bottom to the top in every industry she pursues and will fight for every client to get them what they want. She has always been incredibly driven, hardworking, and passionate about everything she does. She is especially great at organizing, efficiency, and understanding the psychology of people. Her goal is to educate and empower her clients to make the best decisions possible for the greatest long term investments.

Brittney is not only one of the best in Real Estate agents across the country but her vision is to create a trusted long term relationship with each client by offering services that go above and beyond the real estate transaction. What makes her special is she will not only help you buy and sell your home, but she’ll also professionally manage the move process, declutter and organize your home, and help with downsizing. If you want someone to do it all and be a trusted professional representative for you and your family, she’s got you covered.

Brittney has been in management her whole life and understands that no matter where you work or what you do, life can be hard to keep up with. Especially in today’s fast paced, chaotic world. Her vision is to create a full service luxury real estate experience. She wants to turn the most stressful time in a persons life into an effortless, pivotal moment of growth and change for them. If your looking for an agent that cares, she wont just tell you she cares, she’ll show you.

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