Jason B. Hellman

Preferred Lender

Mortgage lending is my second professional career. I have a bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering. My undergraduate degree taught me how to understand processes and solve problems. My post-graduate engineering career leveraged these strengths and added professional budgetary and time mastery skills. My previous career inspired me to create a business from the bottom up the right way, focusing on customers and solutions. Frustrated by the lack of client engagement in my engineering career, I helped launch a new mortgage company from the ground up in 2001. In the midst of the housing and credit crisis, my production migrated to Dundee Bank. For 10-years Dundee Bank has provided me with the best outlet to serve my mortgage client’s needs. Dundee Bank gives me the freedom I need to personally manage the mortgage process from initial conversation through closing.

I am not a loan officer. I am a Mortgage Planner. I am helping my clients create, perhaps, the largest debt in their lives, and therefore, I have a responsibility to help them professionally manage that debt. I see my role as helping my borrowers integrate the mortgage loan they select into their overall long and short-term financial and investment goals and meet their payment and equity objectives.

The most important part of my life if my family. This summer my wife and I celebrated 23 years of happy marriage. We have four amazing children. My hobbies include officiating basketball, golf, and traveling to visit our college-aged children.

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